With all this extra rain Top Line Roofing has been experiencing a large uptick in phone calls for leaky roofs.

We are doing our best to help, but after 5 straight calls back to back on 11/10/2021 it’s hard to keep up. Oregon is in the midst of a rainy fall after a long, dry winter, spring, and summer.

The first day with more than an inch of rain in eight months fell on Sept. 18, and raincoats and boots have been out in force ever since.

Despite the rainy days, the Portland region has received 21.59 inches of rain for the year as of Oct. 28, approximately four inches less than the average year-to-date rainfall.
2.2 inches of rain fell the week before Halloween, according to the National Weather Service.

Now, a spate of predicted rainy days this week (with a flood watch in effect until late Friday) might help the Willamette Valley make up for its year-to-date rain deficit.

The amount of damage may vary depending on where you are in the Willamette Valley, according to David Bishop, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland.

Eugene is nearly six inches behind its year-to-date rainfall average, he added. Salem just needs three-quarters of an inch of rain to catch up to its year-to-date average, while Portland is roughly three inches behind.

The bad news first: Eugene is only predicted to receive a half-inch to an inch of rain during this weather storm.

“Obviously, that won’t take a tremendous hole out of the deficit,” Bishop remarked.

It’s a different story in Salem and Portland. Salem has already surpassed the national average. This storm “may very well, for lack of a better word, balance the books” in Portland, where up to three inches of rain is expected before things dry up on Saturday.

Even if Portland manages to return to average rainfall levels for the year, that doesn’t mean it’s time to have a party.

The majority of Oregon is still experiencing moderate to severe drought, which is one of the effects of global climate change.

“I wouldn’t say this would lift us out of the drought,” Bishop said, “but it will assist.”

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