November 3, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

Building acoustics are worth thinking hard about! Join us for a conversation with a building engineer who inform us about a solution to mitigating sound: fibrous insulation 

Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Antoine Habellion, the head of technical for ROCKWOOL North America in the RLW, All About Roof and Wall Acoustics, for a conversation about how roof consultants and contractors can thoughtfully go about adding sound reduction to our buildings. 

Antoine previously worked in Paris, France as a building science engineer for ROCKWOOL France. Now he is part of the ROCKWOOL Building Science Team. “It is basically a team of building science specialists, which is dedicated to help designers, builders, consultants with their projects,” says Antonine. It is his job to address parts of the building we tend to forget — like sound.  

We don’t typically think about the ways that buildings work to protect us from sound. It is often something we take for granted, especially in spaces near highways or airports. “It makes a very big difference,” says Antione. “If you’re always exposed to noise, it can reduce productivity of course. But even more importantly, it can interfere with communication and concentration.” 

With stakes these high, it is of value for all contractors to learn about sound assemblies and how buildings work to mitigate sound. He says that a crucial element in going about something as complex and multi-faceted as soundproofing is to define a goal that you are trying to achieve. “You need to know specifically what you want to achieve, or at least get help from someone who can help you define what you need to achieve,” says Antoine. “Then looking for tested assemblies that exist already, which may meet that requirement.” 

Antoine tells RCS that designing an assembly that helps mitigate sound is largely about considering the factors of the job, choosing the right materials and proper installation. He notes that fibrous insulation, like stone wool, is ideal for insulating material from the roof to the façade and everything in between. ROCKWOOL, is volcanic rock that has been transformed into stone wool, and has insulation and acoustic performance capabilities to diminish noise.   

As building codes push for greater performance in the area of sound, these conversations only grow more pertinent. “I think there are very little buildings where acoustic doesn’t matter,” says Antoine. “All the buildings which have occupants in them like extended period of times, of course, will benefit.” 

Read, Listen, or Watch this informative RLW about roof and wall acoustics today and start learning more about acoustics, sound and what fibrous insulation can do for a building. 

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