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According to CNN/Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live 2011” list, West Linn was the best place in Oregon to settle down in that year. The Central Village is included in the Number 69 listing, which also highlights the city’s “breathtaking views of the Cascades and comparatively inexpensive local taxes,” as well as the neighborhood’s Music in the Park concert series, historic Willamette district, farmer’s market, and Street Dancing. Oregon has only one other city on the 2011 list, and it comes in at number 100: Sherwood. The City of West Linn, Oregon, made it onto the list of “Best Places to Live 2009” that year.

Hilltop residences in this area of Oregon are attractive to homebuyers because of the stunning vista of the Cascade Mountains and the inexpensive property taxes. Most of the locals spend their weekdays working in Portland, which is only a quarter of an hour away. Waterfront weekends are filled with fun activities:

West Linn Oregon

West Linn Oregon

After incorporating in 1913, West Linn united with the nearby town of Willamette in 1916. Willamette had formed five years before to West Linn. West Oregon City, Bolton, Sunset, and Willamette Heights were all amalgamated into West Linn in 1913.

By forming a company, the communities were able to avoid being annexed by Oregon City while still receiving access to essential infrastructure like public services and utilities. The founders of the city debated for a long time before settling on a name that would pay tribute to Moore’s pioneer town.

It wasn’t until 1922 that construction began on the Oregon City Bridge. Historical population growth in the city slowed or stopped in recent years. In 1860, 225 people were counted living there. There were 1,628 of them by 1920. West Linn’s population increased from 2,923 in the 1960 census to almost 7,000 by the 1970 census. Year after year, the city’s population has increased. The city has 25,250 residents right now.

There are two rivers that meet in West Linn. The locals love to have picnics in the park during the summer and listen to live music while they eat. Old Willamette, a renovated downtown neighborhood, draws locals with its farmer’s market and, on occasion, its spontaneous street dance.

In 2012, the Arbor Day Foundation recognized West Linn, Oregon as a Tree City USA Town for its dedication to urban forestry. This is the nineteenth year that West Linn has been recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation.

John Rosenow, CEO and creator of the Arbor Day Foundation, stated, “We all benefit when cities like West Linn place a high priority on planting and caring for trees, one of our nation’s most magnificent resources.”

“Trees not only give visual and thermal comfort by shading our houses and beautifying our neighborhoods, but also have numerous positive effects on our health, our wallets, and our communities. We thank the city council, volunteers, and residents of West Linn for their efforts to maintain the city’s urban forest.”



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