Handwritten notes left on some of the vandalized cars threatened neighbors if they called the city or the police.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Dozens of cars rested on rims in the Roseway neighborhood of Northeast Portland Sunday morning, the remnants of an overnight attack in which someone slashed the tires of more than 50 vehicles parked along Northeast 72nd Avenue all the way to Northeast 77th. 

“With my car like all the neighbors down our street stabbed, slashed – what affected me was the fact that they were brand new tires,” said Mike Hill. His wife’s car’s tires were among those targeted. “If they did it again tonight, she’d have to wait a month before I could get another set of tires.”

Portland police first responded Saturday around 9 a.m. to a vehicle with slashed tires on Northeast 72nd Avenue, only to find the damage was widespread and reached cars parked several blocks away on Northeast 77th. Later they found 20 more vandalized vehicles in the neighborhood west of Roseway Heights Middle School.

“We’re in a war that nobody told us about,” said Hill. “These are critical times, hard to deal with. What is up with Portland?”

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“It’s horrible. It’s so senseless,” added Molly Ennis. She woke up Saturday to a thread of texts from neighbors saying their tires had also been slashed.

“I was like ‘I’m going to go out and check my car!’ Thank God mine had been spared; I had just gotten new tires on it the week before,” she said.

But others weren’t so lucky and are now left with a large bill.

“My friend who had a truck and a car, their tires slashed – it was over $2,200,” she said.

A photo of the alleged suspect is now circling on a social media platforms like Nextdoor.

“What was in his mind? That’s the thing I would like to know,” said Hill. “What was in his mind? Could we have helped him?”

Handwritten notes were left on some of the targeted cars, threatening the neighbors if they called the city.

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“People are having these notes left on their car and it sounds like ‘haha the cops aren’t even going to do anything even if you try to report it,'” said Ennis.

“I’m not too threatened about it,” added Bruce Humberstone, who had two vehicles vandalized. “I think that the city of Portland needs to grapple with these things in an intelligent way rather than reactionary.”

Portland police are still investigating. They’re asking the victims to file police reports and within a few days, each victim will get documents to help with insurance claims. 

They’re also asking for any video or photos people may have of the suspects. If anyone has any such evidence, or witnessed the crimes, or has other information that might help investigators, they’re asked to e-mail crimetips@police.portlandoregon.gov, attention North NRT, and reference case number 22-263990.

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“I think people in the neighborhood are feeling pretty unsafe and left out on their own,” said Ennis. 

Although it’s a shared discomfort, residents said the incident is bringing unity to their corner of the city.

“All of these neighbors, when they found out what happened, they all came together,” Hill said. “They all helped each other out. They all helped us get our tires fixed, towed our cars away. That was impressive. That’s the Portland I know.”

Police said it’s important for people to continue to report what happened because it will help with future prosecutions, since it takes a lot of documentation and evidence in vandalism cases like this where there are multiple victims, and community participation can make a big difference.

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