October 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

Whether you need a high-quality torch-applied roof membrane or an economical alternative, MBTechnology has you covered. 

For complete building protection, a quality membrane is instrumental to keeping a roof watertight. As a roofer, you want to ensure that whatever membrane you are using on your customers’ roof is going to keep water out and reduce the chance of them calling you back to fix it. For decades, MBTechnology has been committed to providing contractors with membranes that are as high quality as they are affordable. Here are two roofing membranes you can recommend to customers on your next building roof project: 

Ecotorch® Roofing Membrane 

One concern customers may have about using an SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane is its potential environmental impact. The Ecotorch® Roofing Membrane actually benefits the environment rather than harming it. This torch-applied membrane is made of recycled tires and every roll takes half of a tire away from landfills. 

Ecotorch is a much more flexible membrane option than standard APP torch membranes and it requires less heat and propane for installation. The membrane is available in six different shingle blends and solid colors . . It comes with a 12-year limited warranty and the warranty can be extended to 20 years when you use the Ecotorch S (Smooth) as an underlayer. 

SupercapSBS® Roofing Membrane 

For a cost-effective alternative, consider the SupercapSBS® Roofing Membrane, MBTechnology’s most economical roof membrane system. The SupercapSBS is designed to be used with LayflatSBS® or LayfastSBS® membranes and is an alternative to BUR or APP torch membranes. This membrane can be installed with hot or cold asphalt.  

SupercapSBS comes in 8 different solid and shingle blend colors. It can be used as an underlayment with an exposure rate of up to one year.


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