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The Tualatin River, which forms the majority of the city’s northern boundary and provided the inspiration for the city’s name, runs through the city. It is likely a Native American name that means “lazy” or “sluggish,” but it might also mean “treeless plain” for the plain that lies close to the river, or it could mean “forked” because of the river’s many tributaries. According to Oregon Geographic Names, on November 5, 1869, a post office with the name “Tualitin” was founded. In 1915, the spelling was altered to “Tualatin.”

In 1962, a fossilized Mastodon “Mammut americanum” was discovered and unearthed in the area that is now the parking lot for Fred Meyer. It may currently be seen in the foyer of the Tualatin Public Library where it has been displayed. In 1972, fossils belonging to a Harlan’s Ground Sloth were discovered close to Fanno Creek. During examination, it was established that the bones belonged to a partial skeleton.

Tualatin Oregon

Tualatin Oregon

There were a total of 10,000 households, of which 37.5% included children younger than 18 years old, 51.6% consisted of married couples living together, 11.4% had a female householder who did not have a husband present, 4.6% included a male householder who did not have a wife present, and 32.4% did not include any families. Just 24.6% of all homes included only one person, while the remaining 5.3% included at least one other person.

The neighborhood and lifestyle center known as Nyberg Woods may be found near the crossroads of Interstate 5 and Nyberg road in Tualatin, which is also the location of the city. The shopping mall is home to a variety of retail establishments, including Best Buy, Old Navy, Golfsmith, and Ulta. In addition, businesses including Famous Dave’s, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Five Guys can be found in the Nyberg Woods development.

On the south side of town, there are a number of different factories, one of which is a big Lam Research company that manufactures electrochemical deposition equipment for use in the production of semiconductors.

The Tigard-Tualatin School District has little authority over the city of Tualatin because it is only partially located within that district. This school district has a total of twelve schools: ten primary schools, three secondary schools, and two middle schools. Bridgeport Elementary School, Byrom Elementary School, Tualatin Elementary School, Hazelbrook Middle School, and Tualatin High School are the five that can be found inside the boundaries of the city of Tualatin.





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