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Luis Cassiano is honing his vision under the shadow of an oil refinery, with freight trains rumbling by day and night.

Luis Cassiano invites me inside his tropical sanctuary, situated between a tangle of corrugated iron and breeze blocks, in the Parque Arara favela north of Rio.

Luis is in the forefront of the fight against global warming if it starts at home.

A magnificent plant cascades down from the screen of a 1970s television set. “That’s my green roof, by the way. It delights me.”

Next to it is a decades-old printer that is pouring earth rather than ink.

We climb another two creaky spiral staircases to achieve his goal after meeting his 95-year-old mother, who is clearly extremely proud of her environmental activist son.

Luis began his quest for a remedy to inadequate air ventilation and high temperatures about ten years ago.

His roof garden is his pride and pleasure, with a variety of plants strewn about.

Climate change, according to him, is a fact.

“I’ve had a vision in my head. Everywhere, I want green roofs “he exclaims

“People think I’m crazy because I like plants, but I know it will help, and we need to do it immediately.”

He’s honing his vision under the shadow of an oil refinery, only yards from from the freight trains that rumble by day and night, according to him.

The life above is nourished by an irrigation system in the corner of his garden, and a natural shower is provided by a plant-strewn terrace below.

His goal is to build Rio’s greenest favela, but judging by the drab expanse of concrete that surrounds him, he’s not making much progress.
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