November 5, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

Titebond® PVC Trim Joint Adhesive is a convenient, ready-to-use, high-strength adhesive used to bond PVC to PVC.

Titebond speeds up the construction of PVC trim joints with the launch of a ready-to-use PVC trim joint adhesive that bonds immediately.

Titebond PVC Trim Joint Adhesive is an advanced adhesive used to construct PVC miter, shiplap and scarf joints as well as to install column wraps. Its one-part formulation is easier and quicker to use than two-part or solvent-based products. Plus, its premium formulation bonds immediately, forming a complete joint that contractors can work with in under 60 seconds. That helps contractors get the job done quickly.

PVC Trim Joint Adhesive is highly viscous so will not run or drip, eliminating mess and reducing cleanup time. It dries clear, providing a professional-looking finish. Although it cures in one minute, the bond is impact resistant and 100% waterproof for long-lasting hold.

Titebond developed PVC Trim Joint Adhesive to team up with another new product, PVC Trim Adhesive & Sealant – an all-in-one formulation that bonds and seals many types of PVC trim, moulding and beadboard. Together, the two new products give contractors the tools they need for complete PVC trim work.

It’s worth noting that both PVC Trim Joint Adhesive and PVC Trim Adhesive & Sealant are solvent-free, with low VOC content, making them safe to use and safe for the environment, too.

The new PVC Trim Joint Adhesive is sold in 4-oz. bottles and is available at building supply stores as well as on, by the case (10 pack). More information on this and other Titebond products is available at

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