November 30, 2022 at 3:00 a.m.

By Heidi J. Ellsworth. 

It is time for the roofing community to give back through foundations and education this week on Coffee Conversations. 

Join Heidi J. Ellsworth for a Coffee Conversation that hits the heart of the roofing industry: giving back through roofing foundations. Sponsored by Hunter Panels, this episode welcomes Trent Cotney of Adams and Reese and industry foundation representatives including Kelly Van Winkle, president of the Roofing Alliance; Chuck Chapman, chairman of Davis Memorial Foundation; John Hellein with the FRSA Educational & Research Foundation and Bill McHugh of the CRCA Foundation. 

On December 1, 2022, for the whole day of the Coffee Conversations, Trent Cotney will be matching donations made to these four roofing foundations up to $2,500 per foundation.  It is a chance to make your donation double! 

For the second year in a row, panelists will speak passionately about the top way to secure the next generation of roofers through giving back to foundations that support scholarships, research and education. Trent and company will discuss how supporting the roofing industry this way helps new and old roofing professionals alike grow professionally and thrive in our industry.  

As Trent kicks off the conversation by addressing why giving back is such a huge part of the roofing industry, he will also highlight how working with these foundations helps the industry rise to new heights while grounding the growing industry in what really matters.   

“Being involved with each of these organizations intimately is a great opportunity for me to focus on what’s truly important,” says Trent. “We have all got to make a living, we’ve all got to make money, we all have to deal with the day to day, but for me, it’s about being able to affect positive change. I think the foundations are the perfect way to do that in our industry.” 

For the entire day of December 1, 2022, Trent Cotney will match donations made to these four roofing foundations up to $2,500 per foundation. Learn more about each of the foundations on RoofersCoffeeShop Giving Back page!  Pour a cup of coffee and don’t miss this heartwarming Coffee Conversations sponsored by Hunter Panels.   

Register for this Coffee Conversation today! 

Heidi J. Ellsworth is the president of RoofersCoffeeShop.


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