November 14, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

For over 85 years, Franklin International’s Titebond adhesive products have been a staple in the construction industry. 

Since 1935, Franklin International has been a mainstay in the construction industry. The adhesive manufacturer prides themselves on their high-quality products and commitment to innovation. Today, the company’s products are distributed across six continents, typically under the brand name, Titebond®. 

In a recent podcast, Darci Kunard, Franklin International’s national account manager, highlighted the history of Franklin International and how it led to where they are today. “Franklin has been obviously a big force in the woodworking industry,” Darci says. “We expanded that knowledge in the ’90s to construction adhesives and then into sealants in 2000. So, we are one of the pioneers of the reactive or hybrid sealants, and those are the all-weather sealants.” 

Currently, most of the products they offer are under their Titebond brand, which has been around since the 70s. But Franklin International has been manufacturing all kinds of adhesives since their inception in the 1930s. They also put a lot of resources into market research and the development of their products. 

After seeing an increase in the price of lumber, the company started seeing PVC trim being used as an alternative. So, Franklin International is now working on producing PVC trim adhesive products. Rather than going through the tedious work of staining, sanding and sealing lumber, PVC trim cuts all this work out of the equation and it’s even easy to paint over. 

The Titebond PVC Trim Adhesive and Sealant is another example of how Franklin International is still making strides in industry innovation. They saw a need in the market for a two-in-one product after hearing a lot of confusion and concern about what adhesives and sealants are needed for PVC trim. Their product is so innovative, it’s the only one they’ve seen out there on the market. 

“We are the first to market this product. We released it a couple years ago and it has been flying off the shelves. We really had to step up watching where we were putting it because it was just so popular,” Darci says. 

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Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about the history of Franklin International and their new PVC trim. 

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