October 11, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Randy Knox tells RCS about the importance of making being on the roof much more comfortable for contractors. 

Randy Knox, Regional Sales Manager for PALISADE®, sits with Heidi LIVE! at FRSA to discuss how their synthetic underlayment with STRONGHOLD SKID RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY® 
works to keep crews safe and happy. 

“We make everything from house wrap to roofing underlayments and seam tapes and flashing tapes. We’re trying to be the one stop shop for the envelope of the house,” says Randy. “We find most builders and most roofers are buying different products from different places.” 

PALISADE® is most well known for their synthetic roofing underlayment and is designed for the widest ranging and toughest steep slope roofing application challenges, especially in wet or dusty conditions. PALISADE® is made with STRONGHOLD SKID RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY®, making it one of the most advanced synthetic roofing underlayment’s on the market today.  

Randy loves demonstrating this revolutionary technology at tradeshows, because it puts on full display how the walkability of the product provides additional safety and productivity to the jobsite. “I’ve got my ramp on a nine and 12 pitch… Everybody that walks on it … I’ve got street shoes on, and I’m walking on it. No problem, and it really impresses everybody,” says Randy. “It’s all about being on the roof and feeling comfortable walking on the roof.”  

That is what makes STRONGHOLD SKID RESISTANT TECHNOLOGY® so important — it delivers improved safety and security to crews while providing exceptional waterproofing. Using underlayment and products that make the jobsite that much easier and safer keeps your crews happy and productive, which can make all the difference. “You actually get a little bit more every day out of your guys [with this product],” says Randy. “If you’re offering them a product that they feel comfortable with on the roof, they’re more apt to make sure they come to your job before they go to somebody else’s job… the happier they are with you, the more they’re going to want to work for you.” 

Learn more about PALISADE in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.palisadebuild.com. 

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