November 3, 2022 at 1:36 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Catch some sun in the new Coffee Conversations podcast that is all about solar’s shift in popularity and the evolving solar market. 

Solar has its day in the sun in this new Coffee Conversations sponsored by Johns Manville (JM) where Heidi J. Ellsworth and Rob Hughs of JM, Skyler Shipley of Prolog and George Blinick of Powerflex talk all things solar. Learn more about how this ever-evolving technology is driving the growth in popularity and installation of solar on new and existing roof systems alike.  

Between the governmental push to find renewable energy resources and new consumer driven demand for greener and more efficient homes, solar is in somewhat of a renaissance period. 

“It’s really what our customers are asking for. We’re a very customer-centric organization and we listen to the pain points of our customers,” says Skylar. “We’re able to provide them clean, renewable energy that helps them reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their overhead at the same time.”  

Companies and residential homeowners alike are unquestionably interested in the opportunity to green their sources of power. “That’s a lot of acreage on top of buildings to look at the possibility of putting solar up there,” says Rob. “So people want to take advantage of that space and use it productively.” 

The push towards solar is not just coming from building owners and homeowners, but from industry wide changes as well. Old barriers to entry that made solar unappealing are quickly falling away. What we are seeing is the timing is lining up perfectly for solar to finally shine. As utility pricing has started to work with solar rather than against it, the financials of the roof type and new governmental incentives to go solar spread across the country, it becomes clear that for as many roofs that have already gone solar, this is just the beginning. 

“There’s a number of factors that go into it. I think increasingly we see a lot of commercial and industrial scale companies start to formalize ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] goals,” says George. “They recognize, whether they want to or not, that sustainability is the way of the future. And a lot of times putting solar on your roof is a really good starting place.” 

Listen or watch the Coffee Conversations webinar to learn more about how the solar market is rapidly evolving and for more cutting-edge insight on what this means for the roofing industry. 

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