October 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By United Asphalts.  

As climate change takes on a larger role in our lives, the demand for eco-friendly solutions becomes tangible. Here are how asphalt factors into these concerns. 

Global climate change is here, and as it becomes a larger part of our life, the demand for environmentally thoughtful and sustainable technologies, especially in roofing, continues to grow. The demand for greener products comes not just from clients, but from regulatory oversight that specifies for more energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Here is what United Asphalt’s has observed as changes to the industry in response. 

In the commercial sector this means an increased demand for vegetative roof systems (green roofs), reflective roof systems (cool roofs), recyclable materials, energy-efficient materials, systems that offer long service life, and systems that qualify for enviro-friendly tax credits.   
Asphalt-based commercial roof systems can be easily tailored to meet all these requirements while continuing to set standards for cost effectiveness and longevity.  

  • Vegetative – BUR systems are ideal for use with vegetative roofs due to their creating an impenetrable root-barrier and their resilience to tool-punctures and foot traffic 

  • Cool roof – Several methods can be employed to make BUR systems “Cool Compliant” for increased efficiency and reduction of the urban heat-island effect.  

  • Restorative – Advancements in polymer-modified rejuvenation technologies are lengthening BUR roof life and reducing tear-offs in our landfills. 

  • Recycling – The need for greater recycling is being answered by innovative developments for asphalt recycling methods with enviro-friendly tax credits available for building owners implementing these systems. 

Roofers and roofing manufacturers have long formed the first line of defense against nature’s assaults on our homes and businesses. The same individuals will play a key role in assuring that climate change someday is a thing of the past and asphalt-based roof membranes can play a key role in this goal. 

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