Drone footage below shows the extent of the damages

Published by Top Line Roofing Contractors on Nov. 21, 2021

This is the second time in a year that the roof of the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex has fallen.

The Greater Binghamton Sport Complex on Airport Road in the Town of Maine was evacuated after its roof collapsed on Sunday afternoon.

After a big snowfall in December 2020, it collapsed. The initial collapse involved a separate element, an air-supported dome.

According to a Town of Union spokeswoman, the complex’s roof was half built and under construction when it fell. They stated that code enforcement reviewed the development progress on a regular basis and that all building permits were in line.

Owner Bahij Kashou stated that no one was injured when the dome collapsed, and he is meeting with officials from his insurance companies to evaluate the destiny of the 125,000-square-foot facility.
The dome is home to a number of sports teams, and Kashou believes that around 15,000 people pass through the facility each week.

Kashou also stated that he owns the old Edge sports facility in Vestal and that he may satisfy certain clients by re-opening there while the dome’s destiny is established.

Binghamton’s snow totals reached a new record when the complex collapsed.

The storm, according to a National Weather Service official, established a new two-day snowfall record in Binghamton.

The previous record, set in March 2017, was 35.3 inches. According to the Capital Weather Gang, Weather Service meteorologist Lily Chapman described the snowfall in the Binghamton area as “overwhelming.”

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