October 31, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Co-founder of Labor Central Eric Carlisle tells RoofersCoffeeShop® about how bringing together the workforce as a community is key to solving complex industry issues. 

In Season 4, Episode 49 of the Roofing Road Trips podcast, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with cofounder and chief marketing officer with Labor Central, Eric Carlisle. The two talk about the community behind this breakthrough technology and how centralized communication is the key to fixing the labor shortage. 

Labor Central is a solution to the labor shortage. It is a centralized a space for labor sources and labor pools to create an on-demand recruiting platform connecting roofing contractors to roofing crews to deliver manpower to available projects.  

“What Labor Central really is, it’s an industry solution,” says Eric. “We’re trying to create a platform that promotes education, that promotes viability, sustainability too through education and through good quality work, and supporting the manufacturers.” 

Labor Central is a simple solution to a complex problem. It cannot be stated enough the importance of online communities to pools resources, network, find solutions and do business. In creating a space where contractors can come and find work, while additionally creating a system that helps the industry better gauge the labor pool is revolutionary.  

“Labor Central is all about bringing it all together as a community and a workforce,” says Eric. “It’s a two-way street. The good crews and good contractors working together in this environment that we want to nurture and cultivate. So it’s a completely viable option in roofing and other trades to come.” 

In addition to matching contractors and crews, the platform is designed to increase productivity, pay and rate crews, and track and document projects. 

“That’s really a case of, ‘How do we fill this gap?’” says Eric. “How can we just collect and build something that’s valuable for contractors and crews alike to have this labor pool and job sourcing in the palm of their hand? Through Labor Central — centralized communications.” 

Learn more about Labor Central in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.laborcentral.com

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Labor Central and how this app is working to give contractors solutions to the labor crisis. 

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