September 30, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

The secret to Polyglass’s 30 years in the business is offering all the resources contractors need to be successful. 

In a LIVE! FRSA interview, Steve Wadding from Polyglass talks with RCS COO Karen Edwards about how offering resources to contractors is a huge part of their success.  

Over the 30 years that Polyglass has been in business they have covered quite a lot of ground. Between their great contractor programs and expansion on contractor and rewards programs, it has been a great period of opportunity for the company.  

Most of all, Polyglass is finding new ways to recognize contractor needs and fulfill them, by listening to customer needs so they can best take care of those in the field. Polyglass offers a wide array of solutions, working with contactors to find the best product for the job and best replacement option available.  

“Some people would like to say that you can make a product fit for any circumstance, and that isn’t the best need for the customer, oftentimes [it is best] to really fully understand the circumstances, then give them options as the best choice,” says Steve. “Polyglass manufactures modified membranes for low slope, steep slope, and we have full lines of coatings. So there’s lots of choices depending on what the need is instead of just trying to do a one size fits all approach.” 

Getting started with Polyglass is easy. All a contractor has to do is get on and apply to become a registered contractor. After this quick process, Polyglass will offer resources to a variety of manufacturers and warranties. “The website’s just full of resources on everything from specs to drawings to product options and catalogs, everything that they could need, even from developing your own specs,” says Steve. “All the resources are there. They can get on our website to see who the technical people in their area are and the salesperson that’s in their area. So all those resources are right there.” 

In addition to this suite of resources, Polyglass also offers training classes on a regular basis. They offer classes both in their brick-and-mortar structure, which are equipped with decks for hands-on-training and interactive learning presentations. They also offer the training from satellite locations, be it organizing hotels or even at certain contractors’ offices.  

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