Published on Nov. 21, 2021 by Top Line Roofing Contractors
Helen Hellwege, 70, received a free new roof on Saturday.

Helen said she was able to receive the roof just in time thanks to the Housing Partnership, a charity in Lemay, and the Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance, RSCA.

“God provides assistance in a variety of ways, and he knew I needed a new roof. I had a leak a few years ago, and my neighbor told me I had a few missing tiles that may cause another leak “Hellwege stated this.

For years, the Housing Partnership has been assisting homeowners in the neighborhood by providing services to hundreds of people. They collaborated with RSCA two years ago. Hellwege’s roof was built with supplies and labor given by the RSCA.

“We have a lot of wonderful people in the RSCA who want to give back, and they have the capability and the means to do so, so it’s a very fantastic thing for the community,” RSCA president Tim Carroll said.

Hellewege has survived cancer. Wilbert, her spouse, died 18 years ago. Helen’s father was a roofer, thus this endeavor is near and dear to her heart.

“Oh, he’s up there watching down, making sure these men are doing a fantastic job,” Hellwege confirmed.

Helen had to wait four years after applying to hear that she had been chosen.

If you’re from Missouri and want to apply for a Housing Partnership home repair, contact 314-631-9905 to learn more about what is available and to obtain an application.

The following questions will decide if you are eligible for the Home Repair Program:

  • Have you been a homeowner for at least two years?
  • Do you live in Lemay, Affton, or Mehlville?
  • Is your house in need of repairs due to code breaches or potential safety hazards? Do you have issues with your HVAC, windows, roof, plumbing, or electrical wiring?
  • Are your mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance up to date?
  • Based on the St. Louis Area Median Income, is your household income rated low-to-moderate? A two-person household with a gross yearly income of less than $40,800, for example, is normally qualified to join. Income guidelines are subject to vary depending on the funding source, and you are urged to apply if you are unsure.
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