October 2, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Micki Parks, Content Strategist at CompanyCam.

Hear from Chuck, a solar roofer, about how using CompanyCam has made his job and life easier.

New methods and technology are flooding the roofing industry. One such development is the inclusion of solar! The solar industry has grown in the past few years, such as the invention of Tesla roofs and Tesla panels. Solar roofing is not only beneficial to the environment, it also brings in a lot of new money for roofing businesses.  

At CompanyCam, we interviewed a solar roofer named Chuck! Chuck works at Wick’s Solar Roofing as an operations manager. He’s been there for many years and enjoys working at a solar roofing company.

Employees at Wicks Solar Roofing are avid users of CompanyCam. Before they used CompanyCam for their visual communication and photo reporting needs, documentation was difficult. Most everything was on paper — causing panic when documents were lost or damaged.

Chuck shared that whenever he needed a photo of something, the employee with the image was never around! Getting a hold of images took time and effort.

Once Chuck started using CompanyCam, that all changed! Chuck said CompanyCam is “a much easier way to keep your photos organized.” CompanyCam is the photo app for roofers…and for solar roofers! CompanyCam automatically organizes your job site photos and stores them securely on the cloud.

CompanyCam makes a big difference when it comes to business and client transparency. The shareable galleries and timeline links within the app are game-changers in this department. Internal communication improves, too. With CompanyCam, “Everyone can access the photos at any given time — it makes a big difference,” Chuck said.

One of the newest CompanyCam features is the to-do lists. To-do lists improve crew accountability, productivity and even crew onboarding. Streamlining processes and maximizing crew efforts becomes a reality when your business is organized and functioning seamlessly.

When asked if he’d recommend CompanyCam, Chuck said, “Oh my gosh, I talk about CompanyCam with everybody who listens! I recommend you all big time.”

At only $19/month per user, CompanyCam is a small investment into your business that will have lasting effects. Chuck claimed, “CompanyCam has absolutely exceeded my expectations with what it can do and how organized it is.”

So take it from Chuck and give CompanyCam a try today! CompanyCam is the solar roofing standard. Sign up for a demo here.

Learn more about CompanyCam in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit companycam.com.

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