December 9, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Hold the phone! Ruby’s new Call Trend Report finds that the phone call is more important than ever in the 2020’s, read on to learn key insights from this report. 

In a new Roofing Road Trips episode Heidi J. Ellsworth gets the scoop on the Ruby 2022 Call Trends Report, from content strategist Matt Lurie. Together, they review highlights of the report, which largely asserts that phone calls remain an important part of any thriving business. Taking the data of two years’ worth of phone calls—up to 25 million calls—Ruby has determined just how important the phone call is to businesses, here are the four major insights gleaned from their trends report. 

“We’re a company that provides small businesses with the solutions and analytics they need to save time, manage their customer interactions and deliver exceptional experiences. Basically, we make sure your customers reach a real friendly human being who can help them within seconds 24/7,” says Matt. “But we don’t just answer. We also see every call and chat as an opportunity to create a connection and win someone’s trust.” 

In a world where we increasingly use our cell phones for everything but a call, it can be surprising to some to learn that the phone call is invaluable to your business. However, the importance of a service like Ruby can’t be stated enough. The report found that 92% of business phone calls represent opportunities to win, retain, or lose business.  

“From the 25 million calls we analyzed, more than 9 out of 10 were new customers, people who wanted to connect with the business to learn information, real people who had real questions and really wanted to reach out,” says Matt. These are opportunities to win business, retain business, make an impression, stand out, and to really connect with your community and be that pillar within your community.” 

Ultimately, the phone line remains one of your biggest opportunities to strengthen your relationship with a potential customer, because it remains the foundation of your customer service. 

“It’s all about the relationships you form and those trusted authentic relationships,” says Matt. “If your customers love you, they’ll show up and they will continue doing business with you. If you’re a company with a great reputation, if people know what you do and trust you to do your job, you’re going to keep getting business.“

Listen to the podcast for more information on the Call Trends Report and to learn how to apply its insights to set your company up for success.  

Learn more about Ruby in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit Ruby.com.   

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