November 21, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

H3f Construction, Inc. was tired of using their gut to come up with estimates, so they brought in Estimating Edge to ensure their submissions to the fire inspector were effortless and accurate. 

H3f Construction, Inc. started as a small commercial construction company in 2001, eventually including fireproofing services as they realized a demand for it in their community. Today they are still driven by a desire to grow and improve their company. H3F Construction, Inc. needed a way to increase their accuracy and the efficiency of the estimating and bidding process. What they needed was the The EDGE®.  

Owner and sole estimator for Hf3 Construction, Inc. Herbert Fletcher was frustrated with the slow and sometimes inaccurate method of estimating. The former estimator has cobbled together a system using a combination of PlanSwift® and Excel® to estimate, or in Herbert’s words “a really bad version of the EDGE®.” 

Looking for a way to decrease estimating costs in order to invest in other areas of business while still increasing productivity, Herbert knew he needed a way to streamline his bidding process. After five years of hunting for the solution, Herbert finally learned about Estimating Edge from his supplier, Carboline. Given that no other product matched what Estimating Edge could do in the field of fireproofing, Herbert was sold.  

The Edge has taken the guesswork out of estimating, providing accurate bids that take Herbet’s business to the next level.  “Revenue has definitely gone up 30 percent over the past four months,” says Herbert. “We are being looked at for so many jobs right now, if you talk to me in a month it may be 50 percent. We could be tripling our revenue. It’s THAT good!”  

Herbert has told Estimating Edge that the implementation of The EDGE® positively changed everything about how Hf3 Construction, Inc. runs and operates. The program has lowered estimating costs and overall business costs, maximized efficiency and boosted profitability. 

“The EDGE allows time for multitasking that I didn’t have with paper bids. I’ve never been so busy and not busy at the same time. I have time to get things done,” says Herbert. 

The EDGE has simplified Herbert’s estimating process by consolidating all aspects of a bid in one accessible place. Finally, Herbert can rest assured that final submissions for the fire inspector are effortless and accurate. 

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