November 6, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

How to apply MasterSeal® NP 1™ Sealant safely and efficiently. 

Master Builders Solutions’ MasterSeal NP 1 is a high-performance sealant that is designed to be versatile, affordable and, above all else, reliable. The elastomeric gun-grade polyurethane sealant is great for repair and maintenance jobs or general-purpose sealing and bonding on any kind of roofing material from shingles to pipe boots to flashings to skylights and frames.  

One of the top benefits of using this sealant is that it is easy to install. The product is easy to gun and tool, speeding up application and making neater joints. Plus, no primer is required for most construction materials, lowering installation costs and it’s available in a one component formula that requires no additional mixing.  

MasterSeal NP 1 sealant is ready to use immediately, straight out of the tube or sausage, which allows workers to get more productive on the job. Additionally, the sealant’s ease-of-use makes it perfect for so many applications! 

This video shows you how to apply MasterSeal NP 1 Sealant in less than 10 steps: 

1 – Ensure substrate is structurally sound, fully cured, dry and clean. Use [MasterSeal P 176] primer as necessary. 

2 – If required, install the appropriate size backer rod for the joint. 

3 – When using 300 ml cartridges, cut tip of cartridge for desired width of the sealant bead. 

4 – Puncture foil using a sharp object. 

5 – Insert cartridge into caulking gun. 

6 – When using 20-ounce ProPaks, insert propak into a bulk caulking gun. 

7 – Open ProPak with a razor knife, then attach cone to the caulking gun. 

8 – Cut the cone slightly smaller than the width of the joint. 

9 – Fill joint from the deepest point to the surface. 

10 – Dry tool joints to create a smooth, concave shape. 

Refer to the MasterSeal NP 1 technical data guide for more information. 

When it comes to a single product you can take to the jobsite, you want something that you can use in near any situation that will deliver high-performance, so it is no wonder that MasterSeal NP 1 is the go-to sealant contractors keep in their truck. 

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