November 4, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Learn all about how Roofs By Don used the ROOFPRO loyalty program to build their business. 

In Season 4, Episode 47 of the Roofing Road Trips podcast, Heidi J. Ellsworth is joined by Donovan Morgan and Danny Filippelli of Roofs By Don and Jack Gottesman of IKO to talk about how ROOFPRO Craftsman Premier status with IKO has allowed Roofs By Don to grow their business.  

The ROOFPRO loyalty program is designed to help contractors improve every aspect of their business. Featuring rewards, perks and partners, ROOFPRO is designed for the 24/7 roofer to increase their profit and level up. IKO ROOFPRO is much more than a warranty — it’s a business-building program. 

“I love IKO so tremendously,” says Danny. “So when we had IKO, it was very easy to sell customers on the color because we were so passionate about the color as well. Not only the color, but just like the mechanics behind it. Having it be a Class 3 impact rating shingle and being able to sometimes give you discounts on [insurance] premiums, that’s a no brainer too, for the customer.” 

It is a given that IKO will offer high-quality shingles, but by also offering this loyalty program, they are giving their customers more than just shingles. Through the ROOFPRO program, IKO wants to give their customers the tools they need to succeed as a company. 

Donovan tells Heidi that he grew interested in joining the program after listening to a podcast talking about what it is like to be a roofing influencer and partner with IKO. “He was saying how he could add value, how their business could add value to ours. Because we’re a ROOFPRO Craftsman Premier we actually get 20% off,” says Donovan, discussing the benefits. “Also, what’s real cool, is the IKO University … So a lot of things that I see people are trying to find courses IKO University already has, it’s a one-stop shop. So you just need to log in, that’s it.” 

By offering these tools and giving contractors knowledge of how to use them, the ROOFPRO loyalty program benefits contractors looking to grow their businesses. Throw in the program’s resources on installing IKO products, sales training, and exclusive offers and discounts and the value of this program is undeniable. 

“That’s exactly our goal at IKO ROOFPRO,” says Jack. “We want our contractors to feel that they love IKO, and IKO loves them back. That is how we’re going to continue to build our relationship with the organization Roofs by Don, with Danny and Don.” 

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Listen to the podcast to learn more about how IKO’s ROOFPRO program can help you grow your business. 

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