Shingle Tech owner Nic Nappier, clutching scissors, cut the ribbon at his West Fifth Street site with his team, representatives of the Washington Area Chamber of Commerce, and local officials on Oct. 29.

Nic Nappier, the proprietor of Shingle Tech, is launching a storefront at 516 W. Fifth St. in Washington after almost nine years of operating out of his pickup truck.

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Nappier has mentioned that he has wanted to open a physical site. Nappier’s income has increased tenfold since then.

“I’m ecstatic because we have plans to expand,” Nappier remarked. “This is the first huge step forward.”
Nappier said he had been looking for an office for a few years, but the locations he viewed were too large for his purposes and out of his price range. He claims that the Fifth Street site would contain a product display, allowing him to handle more calls and roof repairs faster.

It’s a significant upgrade from operating out of a pickup truck for the previous eight years.

“I’d buy the extended cab,” Nappier explained, “and the backseat would just pop out.” “I’d put the samples in there, then have a little shelf for the printer, letterhead, paper, staplers, and whatever else.” It was almost like having a mobile workplace.”
He’s now trying to hire more people, especially workers, to expand his workforce. He presently has eight employees, the majority of whom work for Shingle Tech’s roofing crews. Nappier also hopes to hire a salesman in the coming several years.

As the firm grows, Nappier says he’d want to hire a third and fourth crew, bringing the total number of shingle roofs the company performs per year to 120 to 150. In addition, Shingle Tech completes 24 to 36 metal roofs every year. He wouldn’t say how much money the firm makes.

Nappier’s objectives, according to an October assessment from Allied Market Research, are feasible. According to the analysis, the global roofing industry would expand from $102.4 billion in 2020 to $156 billion in 2030. According to the study, “advancement in the building sector, rising urbanization, and technological breakthroughs are the primary drivers driving the growth of the roofing market.”

According to Nappier’s five-year strategy, the company will continue to grow, with a concentration on low-cost residential construction.

“I have a phrase that I strive not to get rich from a single work,” Nappier explained. “I don’t want to increase my pricing.” I’d like to increase production so that we can complete more roofs every year.”

According to him, the storefront gives his company greater legitimacy. “I want people to know that we have a storefront; we’re not a fly-by-night operation,” he remarked. “We’d like folks to feel secure in the knowledge that we’ll be around in the future.”
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