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Roof Replacements Top Line Roofing

Roof Replacement

Top Line Roof Replacements are of the highest quality in Portland Oregon
Portland Roof Repair Top Line Roofing

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are a common project in Portland, especially because of moss growth.
residential and commercial roofing installations.

Custom Installations

We also perform custom residential and commercial roofing system installations.

Top Line Roofing Contractors commercial roofingFor our commercial clients, rest assured that we use only the best commercial roofing systems available today.

Residential Roofing Portland OR For our residential roofing in Portland, you can be confident that our experience will shine through!

Sherwood Oregon

Where are we presently The Atfalati band of the Kalapuya nation was the first group of people known to have lived in the Sherwood region. With the passage of the Donation Land Claim Act in the years 1850–1855, which granted American citizens sole possession of these lands, Native Americans were moved to reservations.

The process of relocating took place under the direction of a number of federal personnel, the most prominent of whom was Superintendent of Indian Affairs Joel Palmer, who was ultimately fired from his position as a result of allegations that he was too liberal with regard to Indian policy.

The economic climate of the region underwent a sea change as a direct result of the California Gold Rush in 1849. From prehistoric times, when the Chinookan tribe was the dominant economic force in the area, the section of the Willamette River where Oregon City, Oregon is located has been a desirable location for commercial activity.

Sherwood Oregon

Sherwood Oregon

Sherwood’s business district as seen from the northwest at the intersection of Railroad and Main streets
The town of Sherwood, Michigan, or the Sherwood Forest in England may be the inspiration for the name “Sherwood.” The Smock family generously donated a right-of-way across their farm to the Portland and Willamette Valley Railway in the year 1885.

Around the year 1889, when train service first started, the Smock family created the town’s plat. It is said that the original name of the town, “Smock Ville,” was disliked by everyone, even the people who founded the town, and that is why a public assembly was called to decide on a new name for the town. The name “Sherwood” was suggested by Robert Alexander, who was a famous local merchant in addition to being a resident of the area.

Alexander was from Sherwood, Michigan, and he stated that the woodland that encircled the city was similar to Sherwood Forest in England, which is reflected in the records kept by the post office. On July 5, 1891, the United States Postal Service started delivering mail to the town of Sherwood, which is located in Oregon. The first postmaster was a man named Smock. In 1893, the State of Oregon passed Senate Bill 36, which led to the incorporation of the Town of Sherwood.



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