November 12, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt.

How contractors can find growth and success with the Zero Failures seminar from Sashco.

For contractors who want to grow their business but don’t know where to start, this seminar is just what you need! The Zero Failures seminar from Sashco is designed to hone in on contractors’ strengths and weaknesses to help them find ways to improve. The result? A highly successful company that is constantly growing and thriving. Charis Babcock, Sashco’s marketing manager, spoke with our COO Karen Edwards about the seminar in a recent episode of Roofing Road Trips.

Charis has been with Sashco for over 17 years in their log home division. She and Sashco started the Zero Failures seminars in 1998 specifically to help contractors with the process of their log home projects. With the success of this seminar, they decided to branch outwards and help contractors with the fundamentals of business as well.

“We started the business fundamentals class to help contractors just run a better business from a financial standpoint, but also to help them find improvements that would help them do more with what they already have,” Charis said.

A lot of the seminar focuses on how contractors can take control of their business and be in charge of their own success. By understanding your strengths and areas of improvement, you can then gain control over the aspects and move your business up the ladder. But the seminar also stresses that you want to share your knowledge of how to do things right with everyone in your business. Charis describes this best as “multiplying yourself” by passing the knowledge you have around your company so you all can succeed.

One thing that makes this seminar unique is that Sashco values accountability. When the seminar is over, it isn’t really over. “Everybody goes away with goals, and we follow up with them on those goals,” Charis said. “Sashco is not just trying to get them in the door, hurting them in the door for the money for the conference and forgetting about them afterwards. We really want to see that they’re being successful with what they’ve been taught.”

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Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about the Zero Failures seminar and how your company can grow from using it.

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