October 26, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

In a new Roofing Road Trips episode, Donovan Morgan and Danny Filippelli highlight how roofing benefits from supporting the talents and passions of those within the industry. 

In a new Roofing Road Trips podcast, Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Donovan Morgan and Danny Filippelli of Roofs By Don and with Jack Gottesman of IKO to talk about how ROOFPRO Craftsman Premier status with IKO has allowed Roofs By Don to provide customers with the best materials and warranties available. 

Making it easy for homeowners is what it is all about for Donovan and Danny, they say that it is the personal touch, attention to detail and an easy-going process that separates them from their competition. Donovan and Danny are well known for their innovative approach to marketing, using music videos, Instagram stories and fun recaps of projects. 

Jack found Donovan and Danny on Instagram, having seen their tags a few days in a row and seeing that they are using IKO products, Jack knew that they needed to be a part of IKO University. “Real 21st-century roofing and social selling. Social selling, people need to learn how to do,” says Jack. “I said to myself, ‘These guys have it figured out. I need to be their best friend. I need to figure out a way for them to be a part of our IKO University, our education portal that we have, in order to train other roofers on how to sell. How to use social media to sell, how to market yourself.’” 

This level of marketing goes much deeper than selling products, it is fundamentally about building a culture that supports the dreams and passions of the roofing community. Roofs By Don is all about giving their employees a space to bring their talents into roofing. 

“I think, one thing that I’m a fan of, as far as our culture, with the Roofs By Don, is that we like to be true facilitators…so people in our company, our company culture, they like music. They like the music culture, so we’ll amplify that,” says Donovan. “We’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s do music. Let’s do a music video. Let me help find sponsors, so that that way I can get you your first paid gig, and that could be a milestone for you.’ That’s the main thing. To show them that we’re here to support.” 

The beauty of encouraging people to bring their passions into roofing is that it becomes ultimately a win-win scenario for roofing and the individual. Danny says that taking drone footage and making videos has really helped him engage customers in the products they are using. 

“[When I showed the customers the footage] I was like, ‘You don’t want your roof looking like that because it all looks the same. There’s no flare to it. There’s no dimension where in the light, it looks like this, in the dark, it looks like this,’” says Danny. “So when we had IKO, it was very easy to sell customers on the color because we were so passionate about the color as well. Not only the color, but just like the mechanics behind it. Having it be a Class 3 impact rating shingle, and being able to sometimes give you discounts on premiums, that’s a no brainer too, for the customer.” 

Listen to the podcast to learn more about how the roofing industry benefits from the passions of its members and how partnerships like Roofs By Don and IKO can differentiate you from the competition. 

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