October 6, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

Sunoptics® manufactures prismatic skylights designed to put industrial and commercial roofs to work.

RoofersCoffeeShop, the award-winning place where the industry meets for technology, information and everyday business, is pleased to welcome Sunoptics® into its community for contractors.

Since 1978, Sunoptics has been designing prismatic skylights and daylighting delivery systems for warehouse and distribution, light manufacturing, retail facilities, and more. With sustainability at the forefront of their brand, they offer high-performance products that effectively contribute to energy-efficient lighting solutions – through the roof. Being the only prismatic skylight manufacturer in North America to extrude their own plastics, they regrind and reuse their plastic scrap material adding post-industrial recycled content in their prismatic lenses for skylights and UL/FM rated smoke vents.

Sunoptics skylights feature prismatic optics on all lens layers to bring in more usable, 100% diffused natural light, eliminating the glare and hot spots associated with other skylight systems. Their innovative 800MD all-aluminum, fully-welded frame design set the industry standard with integral condensation gutters and insulated thermal break to provide worry-free leak protection.

Along with promoting sustainability in their brand, Sunoptics also believes in the positive power of daylighting. Quality light in buildings and homes is proven to have many benefits, including increased productivity and satisfaction. Sunoptics thinks that lighting design should focus on promoting people’s well-being and design their products with this in mind.

RoofersCoffeeShop is proud to welcome Sunoptics!

About Sunoptics

For over forty years, Sunoptics® has been a trusted partner for providing superior natural light and leak-free products for roofers, architects, and building owners. To ensure high-grade products, Sunoptics extrudes its own plastics using highquality materials. This allows for total quality control of the manufacturing process and optical quality of the lenses.

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