October 4, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

International Roofing Corporation uses The EDGE® to increase productivity and revenue.  

If you asked the owner of International Roofing Corporation Scott Birch about The EDGE, he will tell you that it is the program that gave his company that ability to run laps around his competition. The EDGE made it easy for his company to customize bids faster and more accurately. The Richmond-based company is one of the largest independently owned roofing companies in Virginia that concentrates on commercial roof maintenance and replacement.  

Before finding The EDGE, International Roofing was estimating by hand, later transitioning to spreadsheets that were limiting and meant that each new bid had to be customized from scratch. Scott tells the Estimating Edge that the approach was very involved and extremely time consuming. Not only did this method mean that most of the office was focusing on estimating as the sole way to generate more bids, but this way took time away from other pressing tasks that needed to be accomplished and made it all but impossible for employees to specialize in any other place in the company. International Roofing needed a new system, one that gave them the freedom to actually focus on growing the company rather than finishing complicated equations all day.  

Luckily, Scott attended the NRCA tradeshow in 1994, where he came across The EDGE. Once Scott learned that his nearby competitors had purchased the software, he knew it was time to get his company on board too. Independently of how much easier The EDGE made working for his company, Scott found that the Tapered Insulation Module was invaluable to his company. They have been using this feature since it was in beta, and heavily rely on it for day-to-day estimating.  

“With new building codes, every job has tapered. We use it a lot,” says International Roofing’s main estimator, Gary Morrison. He estimated that this feature has given them at least 30 percent savings over package prices. This is because The EDGE offers different piece count options and allows them to compare their designs to the manufacturers’ designs, then decide which is more cost effective for their company.  

Today, Scott and his company are proud users of The EDGE. After adjusting their margins, they were able to outbid competitors and save money for both the client and themselves, and as business picked up, they saw an increase in net revenue.  

With a faster estimating process that is more accurate, they are able to bid more jobs at higher margins with virtually no waste accumulation. Plus, International Roofing Corporation was able to cut down on the people and time necessary to complete bids. This allowed the company to hire an additional project manager, making it feasible for Gary to focus solely on estimating. He now finishes around five bids with The EDGE for every one bid he would have worked on with the old approach.  

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