There are a lot of politics in the World Cup game between the USA and Iran. People at a bar in Southeast Portland spoke about the excitement and issues.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The United States won the World Cup game against Iran on Tuesday, but some local Iranian Americans have mix feelings on the win since there has been violent protests over the treatment of women in Iran. 

Masoud Zadah from Iran, watched the game at Away Days Brewing Company in Southeast Portland on Tuesday.

“It’s mixed feelings,” Zadah said. “On one hand I want the Iran team to win, on the other hand I want them to lose.”

Zadah said he can’t help but to think about everything happening in his country, especially the protests over women’s rights.

“This government has been killing people left and right,” Zadah said. “It’s a matter of time before they go, I’m glad that people started to protest.”

On Nov. 20, nine people smashed windows and broke doors at the Adidas’ North American headquarters in North Portland. Officers who responded to the scene still have not made any arrests.

A post from Abolition Media, published on their website Nov. 21, claimed responsibility for the vandalism and said it was in retaliation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

Some people watching the game did not want to think about the politics involved with the game. But as the game progressed some fans said they hope the game brings the U.S. and Iran closer together.

“It’s the biggest game America has probably had — ever,” Henry Emmerson said. “There’s a lot of politics involved, hopefully they get resolved.”

The U.S. will move on to round 16 against the Netherlands. 


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