Peacock Lane – Portland’s Christmas Street in Portland, Oregon

Peacock Lane, located in Portland’s Eastmoreland neighborhood, is a whimsical and magical stretch of the city that’s become one of its most beloved holiday traditions. Every year since its inception in the 1920s, the Lane has come alive with annual Christmas illuminations. Standing out in vibrant colors against the backdrop of Portland’s night sky, the decorations light up the area in a blanket of cheerful and festive spirit. Visit Top Line Roofing Contractors for more info

Nestled in Portland’s Eastmoreland neighborhood, Peacock Lane has become a timeless tradition for locals and tourists alike. As the Christmas season approaches, the Lane becomes illuminated with a delightful mix of festivities, from brightly lit holiday decorations to the cheery carolers strolling the street. For the last 90 years, Peacock Lane has captivated the hearts of many Portlanders with its homegrown Christmas merriment. The Lane’s charm lies in its over-the-top decorations, including giant inflatable snowmen, towering lighted trees, and glowing Santas, dressed in velvet and holding vibrant firesticks. With each house vying to be the brightest and most festive, the aesthetics of Peacock Lane cast a spell of festive enchantment. Travel to Laurelhurst Park in Portland, Oregon: A Lovely Place to Visit

Crowds throng to the Lane in anticipation of the electric spectacle of lights, which draws as many as 8,000 people each night. Standing beside friends, families, and neighbors, onlookers bear witness to the Christmas cheer unfolding before them. While the sight of the decorated street is a grand spectacle in itself, the Christmas lights on Peacock Lane also become a reason for celebration and camaraderie, as the entire community comes together to show their holiday spirit. The event is free to the public, and although the crowds can become quite large, the overall atmosphere remains family-friendly. The city actively monitors the area in order to ensure visitors’ safety, with police presence, barricades, and limits on traffic along the street.

Christmas time at Peacock Lane is special for many reasons, one of the main reasons being its local origin story. In the 1920s, a group of local residents had a novel idea to dress up the homes on Peacock Lane and host a Christmas party. They dedicated themselves to creating makeshift holiday decorations, creating the first official illumination of the stretch of the street. The popularity of the display has gradually grown through the decades, with more and more people recognizing it as one of the most beloved holiday traditions in Portland. What began as a fun get-together among friends and family has grown into a communal celebration for the entire city.

Today, the annual illumination of Peacock Lane has become a beloved tradition to both locals and visitors alike. Each year, the event draws thousands of people seeking to witness the captivating enchantment of the sparkling lights in the darkness. This holiday ritual puts Portlanders into the festive spirit, brightening the city with a blanket of cheer that illuminates the streets of Eastmoreland. Peacock Lane stands as a treasured reminder of the holiday magic and local pride that’s at the heart of the Portland community.



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