November 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

MetalCoffeeShop interviews Tony Mallinger and Josh Jacobi about MTL Holding’s new acquisitions LIVE! at METALCON! 

Heidi J. Ellsworth welcomes President of MTL Holdings, the parent company of Metal-Era, Hickman Edge Systems and Citadel Architectural ProductsTony Mallinger and Josh Jacobi to the MetalCoffeeShop soundstage at METALCON! 

“MTL’s kind of evolved… we’ve looked to grow strategically and the Hickman acquisition was just a great fit…they’re really, really good people and it’s a good company with great products,” says Tony. “It’s amazing bringing the two cultures together that have so much experience under a single kind of product line, perimeter edge metal. It’s amazing where the teams are right now.” 

As building envelope and the use of metal overall increases, the opportunities that come with these acquisitions are vast. 

“What made this a great fit when we went in is you’re seeing more roof to wall transition and really uncertainty from an architect or a demarcation between those two traits. So what we wanted to do, or what I think is a great idea behind this process, is to be able to take a one-company approach to make a smoother transition from the edge termination down the wall,” says Josh. “It was a natural fit. Most of our contractors extend their service from the roof edge down the wall now. Those are not different traits necessarily anymore. And so we’re trying to capture that market for both of the contractor and ourselves to build a better business.” 

A little over a year ago, Metal-Era acquired Hickman Edge Systems and made a commitment to restore the Hickman Edge Systems brand. Part of that commitment was a price relief program that helped the company pass success along to customers. Through this program, customers can save up to 12% off five of their key products, including metal fascia, edge and coping products. 

“We put together a price speed program that really focused on the contractor, bringing down that price further per linear foot, getting products to almost a one-day, two-day ship and really tried to figure out a way that we can help them,” says Tony. “We knew every contractor’s getting pinched with margins and almost every product. It’s been tough and it’s been something that’s been really great for us to work with the contractors on.” 

Throughout all of the issues with the supply chain and material shortages, it is programs like these that are helping contractors get their jobs done for their customers. MTL Holdings is working to ensure that their success is also the contractor’s success. 

“It was an extreme challenge for all of our customers this year,” says Josh. “Prices increased, so we wanted to do what we could to give a little bit back where we could to show them that we’re in this together.” 

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