November 18, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Alec Doniger. 

Discover how Omega Roofing’s partnerships with PABCO and other companies have exposed them to unique opportunities and helped their business thrive.

In Season 4, Episode 16 of Roofing Road Trips, Heidi J. Ellsworth speaks with Lori Jerome from PABCO and Dylan Winmill and Zach Sayles of Omega Roofing. Dylan and Zach talk about how their partnership has given them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Lori began by sharing about the Cascade shingle, which is the highest quality shingle PABCO offers.   

“It comes in an Antique Black, which is a really pretty rich black; Oakwood, which is a brown color; [and] Pewter Gray, which is a gray neutral color,” explains Lori. “But then we have this really pretty color called Cambrian Slate, which actually looks like slate, but is asphalt. It has that mottled blue, gray, red color.” 

Dylan and Zach firmly believe in PABCO products. Premier and Prestige, two of PABCO’s shingles, are what they offer to their customers most often.  Because Dylan and Zach trust the product and the quality, they have been able to close more sales. “It makes it so much easier to sell because when you believe in the product… you speak from the heart and people can tell,” says Dylan. 

Another way in which partnerships have been advantageous for Omega Roofing is when they stumbled upon a rare marketing opportunity — an interview with Matthew McConaughey! 

“It all started from one of the companies we use to keep track of our employee time sheets called Homebase. They’d sent out an email [that] said, ‘We’re interviewing some of our users. We’re going to select four of these interviews to go on further and interview with a special guest/movie star,’” began Zach. Knowing this would be a good publicity opportunity, Zach responded saying they would be interested in participating. Not knowing who would be doing the interview, Zach asked, “’Who’s this special guest/movie star?’ And they [said,] ‘Matthew McConaughey.’”   

This interview with Matthew for the Grit and Greenlights series highlights companies who started during COVID and those that adapted to work through the pandemic. “It was about four different companies, and we were one that started in the pandemic. And so they just wanted a feature on that of betting on ourselves,” Dylan shared. After the interview, local newspapers picked up the story and it spread like wildfire according to Zach. 

The exposure the interview with Matthew McConaughey provided Omega Roofing was invaluable. Their partnership with PABCO, which has a reputation for quality, validates Omega Roofing is known as a company that will provide high-quality work. 

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Listen to the full podcast to learn more about the partnership between PABCO and Omega Roofing. 

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