October 18, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Breakthrough Academy. 

How to bring new employees up to speed so efficiently they are set up for success to be a star employee. 

From hiring newbie to onboarding master, how to achieve overnight success with contracting entrepreneur Curt Janzen. 

Curt Janzen, director of Beyond Foam Insulation, reveals his secrets to building an onboarding system that guarantees success. 

This contracting entrepreneur not only smashed the bar when it came to onboarding, but rebuilt it. 

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About Breakthrough Academy (BTA)  

Breakthrough Academy (BTA) helps contractors build profitable and efficient companies through proven processes, coaching, and community networking. We are currently working with over 300 business owners across North America, managing over $900 million worth of revenue. 

In 2020, BTA was ranked as Canada’s 106th fastest growing company by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business; the third consecutive year on a growth list for the brand (32nd in 2019, 16th in 2018).

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