November 27, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

A new variety of clamp designs are now available at John Stortz & Son, making your roof installations easier than ever. 

Are you tired of materials slipping out from your stripped-out clamps? You deserve superior quality! John Stortz & Son is offering four new types of clamps that are their most reliable to date. Discover which one is right for you: 

Architectural Modulation Clamp 

For the purpose of pinning together a male and a female seam to ensure a tight fit. This clamp is designed to pin together two pieces of flat sheet metal. Superior strength and designed for the metal roofer. 

NOTE: The size of the jaws measures exactly 1″. This is ideal for use on seams over 1″ in height. 

Eagle Grip “C” Clamp 

Eagle clamps combine unparalleled clamping force with tight joints to reduce movement. Wide opening jaws and small grip faces allow for tight clamping of all materials. For our purpose of sheet metal roofing, pinning two metal sheets or a mechanical standing seam is a perfect use.  

Masc Seam Support Clamp 

Seam support clamps are designed to clamp an unclosed 1” or 1.5” mechanical locking profile. The clamp has an extra support block that enables pins together the upstands without damaging the seam profile.  The seam is a unique  

Universal Seam Clamp 

Universal seam clamps have “L” shaped jaws that are designed to squeeze the mechanical lock profiles together tightly. They are to be used before seaming the panels together to ensure a tight fit. 

Bread Pan Folding Tool 

This bread panning tool is constructed just like our best- selling DRIP EDGE FOLDING TOOL with one exception. The handle is welded on the reverse side. This means that you are able to slide the tool on the panel edge and pull the handle toward you in order to bend up the end of the panel for sliding under the ridge cap. 

Comes with predrilled stops at 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ sizes. 

Draco K7 Finish Seamer Design 

This particular seamer was requested by a particular customer who enjoys the subtle design changes that is offered by Draco.  The Draco Finish Seamer has bent handles that rise the handles off of the roof surface when seaming. This allows for more leverage  when pressing the seam closed. 

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Original article source: John Stortz & Son 


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