December 11, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Alec Doniger.

ProCertification®, a new program that allows roofing professionals to get certified in their trade, excites the industry nationwide.

In Season 4, Episode 51 of Roofing Road Trips, Heidi discusses an exciting industry-wide addition to the roofing industry with Jason Stanley. Jason is the CEO of IB Roof Systems, a company that manufactures PVC single-ply membrane. Today, though, he isn’t promoting his own company. He’s promoting ProCertification, a new industry-standard test to ensure roofers are certified.

“I would suggest that this is the single greatest thing they have ever done for the roofing industry in the last decade,” says Jason. “We are way, way behind in attracting people to the roofing industry.” He believes that ProCertification is the best way to reverse this trend.

“[ProCertification] is truly just a godsend for the roofing industry during this time – to provide accreditation and credentials for those that want to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing.”

This new program isn’t new, however. Jason explains that the ProCertification program was launched during the middle of COVID. The pandemic didn’t allow for it to gain traction. Thus, the NRCA has only recently started promoting it again, and the results are looking promising.

“This is not to compete with the training that’s out there today,” assures Jason. “But this is the capstone to those training programs that we can use universally across the country that signifies or demonstrates that you have competency.”

A roofer may have attended a rigorous trade program or learned the trade at home. It doesn’t matter. If you pass the assessment, you are certified and recognized for your specialized skill. Getting certified isn’t a hassle, either. Anyone with internet access can complete the written portion of the assessment.

Towards the end of the interview, Heidi asks Jason what his “why” is. Why should roofers go through ProCertification? Why is this the most exciting thing the roofing industry has seen for a decade? His answer is simple. Safety. Employees getting injured on-site because of insufficient training, can significantly hurt a company. Jason is look forward to having peace of mind about the safety of his employees and his company.

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Listen to the podcast to learn more about ProCertification.

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