December 1, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

PABCO joins us on the RoofersCoffeeShop® soundstage at WRE to talk about their Cascade shingle and what to look forward to from them in 2023. 

Heidi J. Ellsworth invites PABCO®’s Lori Jerome and Darrell Troutman to the RoofersCoffeeShop soundstage for a LIVE! interview at the Western States Roofing Contractor Association (WSRCA)’s 2022 Western Roofing Expo! 

PABCO Roofing Products was eager to share with us about their Cascade Diamond shingles. They are the only company to have this shingle design, which pays homage to older shingles. Especially popular in North Carolina on more historic homes, the Cascade Diamond shingles look like slate from afar but cost a fraction of the price.   

“The Cascade product is a diamond shaped shingle. It’s a heavyweight shingle. It looks really good in Victorian style, historical style, structures. It’s got a really nice look,” says Darrell. “We’ve got some really nice colors, and we sell it across the United States. It’s available in all the markets, and it’s really the only diamond shaped product available out there.” 

The unique shingle type has certainly drawn the attention of plenty of historical societies looking to update the roofs of older buildings without sacrificing the aesthetics of the original shingles. “We get contacted by folks from different markets. Historical societies saying, ‘We looked at your product, we’re looking at specifying it, because it’s got such a good look,’” says Darrell. “Ancient, historical, that’s what was on the building to begin with, and we can put this back on it, and bring it back up to speed.” 

Plus, the percentage of copper granules in the Cascade Diamond shingles is higher than others, making these shingles a preventative system to algae growing on a roof. “We have an algae resistant opportunity,” says Darrell. 

In terms of what to look forward to in 2023 with PABCO, Lori highlights that they have a new website coming out in a few months. “We’re super excited about that, because we spend a lot of time, and research, and user experience, and it’s really geared towards the homeowner,” says Lori. “So it’s designed to be a tool for the roofing contractor to sell PABCO roofing products to a homeowner.” 

Learn more about PABCO® in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit pabcoroofing.com

Watch the entire interview for more insight from PABCO. 

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