September 26, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Each week someone wins a prize for answering a question, next week’s winner could be you!  

The Answer Me This! giveaway is sponsored by Gibraltar Building Accessories as part of their ‘Construction Solutions’ campaign designed to help them build products based on contractor feedback. To participate, all you have to do is answer a simple question, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a prize. If selected as the winner, you’ll get your choice of prize from an RCS box of love, donuts or a pizza! 

Our newest winner is Daniel Elliott, the owner of Higher Roofing and Construction in Terrell, Texas and a part owner of Triumph Roofing based in Nashville, Tennessee. We spoke with him about working in the industry and his answer to our Answer Me This! question: What is a flashing? 

“I love being the first line of defense on people’s homes. I love the aspect of being the covering over someone’s house,” says Daniel. “When it comes to someone’s home, the biggest investment, I love just the philosophical aspect of being the first line of defense and the covering to protect that.” 

Daniel came into roofing around 14 years ago, looking to find a job that would let him be outside rather than confined in an office and let him interact with people. The industry was quick to embrace him and teach him everything about the job. After a few years in the industry, in 2017, he launched his own company. 

His answer to, “What is a flashing?” goes hand in hand with his philosophy about protecting the home and being the first line of defense against the elements. Daniel replied that a flashing is any component of waterproofing construction that is designed to move/drain water away from a natural endpoint or collection point into a structure.  

“In terms of waterproofing, you’ve got these funny things in construction that you have to accommodate such as a chimney, such as a wall, you’ve got dead spaces that water will pile up against,” explains Daniel. “You’ve got to have a specific component that is designed to work with your shingles or your metal panels to move the water effectively away from the structure and keep it from going into the house.” 

Daniel loves coming onto RoofersCoffeeShop® because it helps him stay up to date with the industry 

“I don’t really see people as competitors…I like to see myself as a part of a bigger team,” says Daniel. “What RoofersCoffeeShop does is it adds this teamwork value to everyone contributing and giving knowledge and insight and it helps make us all better and enables us to do a better job waterproofing our clients’ homes, if we all are more informed.” He trusts RCS to be a source for knowledge and as the place Where the Industry Meets! 

By participating in the Answer Me This! survey, you are elevating the industry by helping the Construction Solutions campaign hosted by Gibraltar Building Accessories to provide the best products, programs and experiences to contractors.    

Want to try to be next week’s Answer Me This! winner? Submit your answer to the latest question here. 

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