Homes can be AirBNBs

Making the decision to host part or all of your home or property to short-term guests can be both exciting and overwhelming. From one angle you get to meet new people, make extra income. From the other angle, there are a lot of responsibilities you will be held accountable for.

Are you wondering where to even start? With the abundance of information flooding the web, it can be difficult to actually take the first step or even to know what that step is for you as a new host. Short-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular. People that were once thinking about selling their house now want to become hosts and start renting. Here is an in-depth look into getting started with hosting your home on Airbnb.

Important Aspects to Consider for Hosting with Airbnb

Often what is written off as unimportant or inapplicable information is neglected. However, these same points are also often huge elements in the “make or break” of new hosts. Don’t ignore the seemingly useless suggestions. Here are three of the things to give considerable thought to before making the leap into hosting short-term rentals.

  • How will your Landlord (if applicable) and neighbors feel about the idea of having random people in and out consistently?
  • How much time and effort are you able and willing to dedicate exclusively to hosting?
  • Are you fully aware and accepting of the possibilities that could result from having strangers in your house?

Starting Off in Alignment with Requirements and Regulations:

There are a number of highly advantageous pointers available in the resources section of hosting information on the Airbnb website. In fact, there’s an entire community of hosts happy to help the newer or not there yet hosts with the experience. Here are three of Airbnb’s suggestions to help ensure excellent and legal hosting for beginners:

  • Check the local laws and regulations concerning short-term guest rentals
  • Don’t be shy about showcasing your rental space with many angles and focal points of high-quality photos
  • Invest in extra amenities to attract new guests and to build rapport with existing clients

Super Hosted Suggestions

Here are some of the suggestions as offered by my Super Hosts on the Airbnb website and affiliated blogs or forums. Many reputable hosts suggest that flexibility concerning checking in or out is a great way to build relationship with your guests.

Being honest and transparent with details and other information about the rental property is incredibly important as well. One of the best pieces of advice listed was also a common technique among service oriented businesses. Under promise, over deliver: do more for your guests that what you have promised them. Place fresh flowers about the space, make small notes detailing local interests and events, even invite them to dinner with you if the you’re both comfortable with the idea.

Final Thoughts

There is plenty of prosperity as well as plenty of problems that can come along with hosting your home on Airbnb. However, as with many other aspects in life, you are likely to get results of your efforts that are directly related to the quality and sincerity invested into the efforts you make.

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