December 11, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt, RCS Reporter.

The Metalflex SBS® roofing membrane is Class A fire rated and meets requirement of a Cool Roofing system

Many roofing customers are noticing the benefits of cool roofing systems. They’re sustainable and they lower customers’ energy costs by keeping buildings cool. For your next cool roofing job, MBTechnology has the roofing membrane that keeps roofs cool!

Their Metalflex SBS® Modified Bitumen Cool White 24 roofing membrane is a must-have for any cool roof system. Its white reflective aluminum surface excels at keeping roofs cool because the metal surface absorbs less heat than standard roofs. Not only that, but it’s also Class A fire rated to any pitch — the highest possible rating for a material’s fire-resistant properties. It also offers an easy application process, either with hot asphalt or heat-welded application.

Metalflex is also an alternative to materials you can’t get due to the supply chain crisis. If you are looking for an SBS roofing membrane material but can’t get it because it’s out of stock, consider Metalflex as a great alternative!

This roofing membrane is made of an embossed aluminum foil top surface as well as a woven fiberglass mat for reinforcement. The white reflectivity of Metalflex allows it to reflect 75% of the sunlight that hits the roof’s surface. These reflective properties exceed requirements set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR®.

One way to market the Metalflex SBS membrane to customers is by highlighting how much using it could save them on energy costs. Since the membrane absorbs less heat than other roofing types, during the hot summer months, the building will have less of a need to use their air conditioners. Less need for AC means more money that they save! And because the membrane is easy to maintain, customers will save money on maintenance costs as well.

Check out this handy video below for more information about the Metalflex SBS membrane:

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