November 22, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Polyglass joins us on the RoofersCoffeeShop® soundstage at WRE to talk about expanding into the building envelope arena, as well as new manufacturing facilities and capacities. 

Karen L. Edwards invites Tino De La Rosa and Brady Kolden of Polyglass to the RoofersCoffeeShop soundstage for a LIVE! interview at the Western States Roofing Contractor Association (WSRCA)’s 2022 Western Roofing Expo! 

“We’ve got some new and exciting things. We’re expanding into the building envelope arena. So we’re going to start doing waterproofing,” says Tino. “It’s very exciting because we’re going to have an opportunity now to offer warranties for building owners that encapsulate the entire building from underneath the building all the way up to the roof.” 

Tino also announces that Polyglass has a new manufacturing capacity at the Waco, Texas plant and they are expanding manufacturing in their Winter Haven facility as well as their Pennsylvania facility. It is most definitely an exciting time for the company! 

“We’re also increasing our coating capacity in both plants. So we’ll have the ability to make more product quicker and faster,” adds Brady. 

With coatings booming in popularity due to their availability throughout material shortages, Polyglass is ready to be the solution contractors can depend on. 

“We want to provide the solution, whether it’s a silicon or acrylic or even urethane,” says Brady. “Now we’re starting to force the urethane issue because there’s a bigger and bigger presence of that as well. So it’s an exciting time for all of us.” 

Watch the entire video for more information on why business is so exciting over at Polyglass.

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