December 2, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc. and National Women in Roofing join forces for a school supply drive.

Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc. joined the Oregon council of National Women in Roofing in collecting snacks and classroom supplies for kindergarten students at Mill Park Elementary School, in Portland, Oregon.

At this school, 77% of the students are considered low income and all students qualify for free breakfast and lunch services. All school supplies were provided to students at no cost, through the school. However, the students are allotted one set of supplies and any additional expenses, including classroom décor, come out of the teacher’s pocket.

Mill Park Elementary School was built in the 1960’s and carpet has been removed from all of the classrooms, in favor of sealed concrete floors. This makes for a very cold, hard, floor for students to sit on at story time. Our council was thrilled to provide a new rug and several seating options for the students. In addition to these items, we collected school supplies, snacks, play-dough and games, books, craft supplies, a vacuum cleaner, classroom decorations and cleaning supplies.

All of the donations were collected during the month of August and divided between a number of teachers. The supplies went towards establishing warm and inviting classrooms with center-based learning activities that offer students diverse choices in learning and promote self-management. 

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About Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc.

Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc. is a family owned company located in the Pacific Northwest. They offer a variety of insurance solutions in 17 states. 


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