October 29, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

This RLW is all about how to leverage Sika roof recovery as a solution to material and labor issues currently happening in the industry. 

In this RoofersCoffeeShop® RLW, Sean Fraker of Sika Liquid Applied Membranes (LAM) offer important information on how roofing companies can use roof recover to help keep their businesses on track even with material shortages.   

Supply chain issues are leading more and more building owners and homeowners to consider alternatives to roof replacements, like a roof restoration that does not require insulation that which is currently in short supply.  

“We’ve gone from some raw material shortages, quite honestly, in the liquid world, but obviously in the single-ply world, insulation, everybody has been impacted by the ISO shortages,” says Sean. “So the big question comes up, ‘Well, what do we do?’” We know we need to replace or we have the budget to replace, but we can’t get the materials. And if we don’t do it now, we’re either going to cause further damage to the building or we might lose the financing.” 

Sikalastic® RoofPro and RoofCoat recover systems not only offer abundant material that is minimally affected by the supply chain shortage, they offer an effective alternative to roof replacement that customers are looking for. 

“One of the solutions that we at Sika basically have put a big push on is this recover philosophy,” says Sean. He says that Sika is asking, “What can we do with the liquids that we manufacture that we have in our stock and in our inventory that we can regularly produce, keep in stock, and supply the industry to recover PVC, TPO, modified bitumens, gravel-surfaced asphalt roofs, metal roofs?” 

Because Sika is focused on providing solutions based on the current marketplace, they can offer contractors a product that helps them provide a seamless, durable, sustainable, maintenance-free coating that they can help deliver in spite of what is going on in the supply chain. 

Listen to the podcast to learn about which roofs are good candidates for roof recovery, different types of roof coating and how to use LAM warranties to increase long-term ROI for your customers.  

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