October 13, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Discover how taking your training to the next level can differentiate your business in this RLW. 

In an RLW, Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with John Kenney of Cotney Consulting Group to consider the value of estimating training and certification programs. As the industry learns to cope with the labor shortage, it is more pressing than ever to use employee training as a way to recruit and retain your employees. 

John notes that in roofing and construction so much focus is put on either sales or on operations that, a lot of the time, the estimating team is kind of forgotten. “And really your operation won’t go anywhere unless you have the most accurate estimates possible…You’re depending on that person putting that number together to be very accurate, because without it everything else falls apart. This is your foundation,” says John. “There is currently no unity of getting this all done so everybody has a way of doing it accurately.” 

Getting an accurate estimate is obviously paramount to the success of your business, and we achieve that level of professionalism when we have a standard for training. That is why John and the Cotney team have developed programs that deliver customized course content designed to train all levels of employees from beginners to seasoned estimators.   

“That’s why we came up with this training,” says John. Employee training is key to recruiting, retention and the ability to differentiate your business. The difference a certified, well-trained employee can make to a bid and estimate is invaluable to your company. 

“Most companies retain their employees with training,” says John. “And even if that person leaves you for another opportunity, you’ve made a better person in the industry, which will make your competition better.” 

Watch this RLW to learn more about how employee training and certification can help differentiate your business. 

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