The candidates’ biggest backers present contrasting interests in the state, including old-line industries like timber, national political PACs and labor unions.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The clock is ticking down in an Oregon governor’s race that offers voters contrasts in policies, style and vision. 

The three-way race includes Democratic standard bearer Tina Kotek, trying to maintain her party’s hold on state offices, Republican Christine Drazan, running a campaign against Democratic dominance, and anti-establishment political veteran Betsy Johnson and her unaffiliated candidacy.

Hear from the candidates on housing, abortion, business climate and more

The candidates’ biggest backers also present contrasting interests in the state. They include old-line industries like timber, national political PACs, labor unions and other interest groups, along with individuals both well known and obscure. 

The national Republican and Democratic parties gave some of the largest sums to their respective candidates, with each contributing more than $1 million.

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Other sources of campaign cash were traditional backers of the two parties. Kotek has been able to count on support from state and national labor unions, while Drazan has been backed by businesses. Johnson, a former Democratic senator known as more conservative than her party colleagues, also collected from business interests.

Among individual candidates, the candidates’ donors follow a less familiar pattern. However, one candidate could boast support from a pair of CEOs of major Oregon companies. And one local business legend tops the list of two candidates’ donors while giving millions to two candidates just in October.

The Portland Business Journal sifted through state campaign finance records to find the biggest donors for each candidate as of Oct. 26. The top supporters are presented in three slideshows:

Here are Republican nominee Christine Drazan’s top contributors.

Here are Democratic nominee Tina Kotek’s top contributors.  

Here are unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson’s top contributors.

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