December 4, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Alec Doniger. 

A local business has generously donated a new roof to the Hinckley, Ohio Fire Department 

The Hinckley Fire Department training barn was in rough shape. Their barn roof was showing signs of wear from a big storm that hit the town five years ago. Shingles had been blown off the top of the building, and the plywood underneath was rotting. Although the department had been saving for a new roof, Hinckley Roofing sent out a crew to do the job free of charge. ABC Supply and Medina Home Depot supplied the materials. 

“We have great working relationships with the suppliers, so for us it was just a simple phone call,” Hinckley Roofing co-owner Ed Walkuski said. “For us to be able to do a little bit, it just makes us feel good.” 

This isn’t the first time Hinckley Roofing has given back to their community. A decade ago, they assisted the Hinckley Historical Society, which was located at a library that needed similar repairs as the fire department building. Hinckley Roofing didn’t hesitate to help replace the roof. Clearly, community service is a high priority for the roofing company. 

Hinckley Fire Chief, Jestin Grossenbaugh, expressed deep gratitude for the donation. The department has not been able to fit a project like this into their budget. The training barn is supposed to resemble a residential home. This is because, with the addition of a fog machine, the department tries to simulate working conditions for the firefighters. Jestin explained that the Hinckley Fireman’s Association has been applying for grants to make these changes to the barn. It has not been inexpensive. This newly donated roof surely helped with the renovation. 

Today, kind-hearted generosity is needed more than ever. Hinckley Roofing sees those that need help and doesn’t skip a beat in lending a hand. Even though they don’t have to act charitably, the company chooses to because they prioritize contributions to the greater good. They’ve set an example for us all. 

Do you know of someone in the industry who is ‘doing good deeds’ in their community? Help us catch them at it. Send news and information to info@rooferscoffeeshop.com. 

About Alec 

Alec is a reporter for RoofersCoffeeShop, MetalCoffeeShop and AskARoofer. When he isn’t investigating the state of the roofing industry, you might find him playing drums with his bands in Denver.


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