November 3, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

RCS interviews Stormseal LIVE! at FRSA for a conversation on why their product is a superior alternative to tarps. 

RoofersCoffeeShop’s COO Karen Edwards interviews Matt Lennox from Stormseal about why their polyethylene film is a great alternative to tarps. Stormseal is designed specifically to protect properties from subsequent storms, keeping the home safe and dry and reducing headaches for contractors and homeowners alike. 

Stormseal is a solution to tarps built from the frustration that can come from tarps blowing off easily and creating more work for the contractor.   

“It all started back in Australia many years ago and as a general contractor looking after a major storm in Australia. We had two and a half thousand tarps on roofs,” says Matt. “What I found was subsequent storms that came through, blew the tarps off and created more damage for the insurer and anxiety for the homeowner…We were using good resources after resources to actually put the tarps back on instead of fixing the problem.” 

Matt’s solution was to develop a film that would succeed in all the places that a tarp would fail, and from that Stormseal was born! Stormseal is a strong and lightweight film that heat-shrinks to protect and weatherproof damaged structures. Tested in some of the most severe elements, Stormseal can withstand hail storms and winds up to 150 mph without ripping, tearing, leaking, blowing off or collapsing. 

“We believe it’s a better system than tarping,” says Matt. “The product is UV rated for one year and it also has a fire retardant.” It seals in the property and the home from subsequent storms, winds and tornadoes that come through, making sure that no further damage occurs following severe weather events.  

“As long as you’re getting it put on by an accredited installer, we’ve had great success with letting people get on with their lives, and waiting for the insurance claim to be processed,” says Matt “It’s been really rewarding to see people not have to worry about the blue tarp flying off.” 

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