An annual Christmas tree lot in the Woodstock neighborhood gears up for the busiest weekend to buy a tree despite price climb.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Business is good at a Christmas tree lot that’s been an annual fixture in Southeast Portland in the Woodstock neighborhood since 2004. The trees are from a nursery in Oregon City and get a fresh cut before they go to a home.

“The majority of trees we grow are the Noble Fir, Douglas Fir and then we also have the Nordman Firs,” said Kiley Cronen, a Christmas tree operator for Serres Farms. 

Cronen has been operating the lot on the intersection of Southeast Woodstock Boulevard and 44th Avenue, and three other lots, for more than 20 years. 

He said the busiest time to buy a fresh tree used to be a week later, but it’s moved up to the first weekend of December in recent years, as people want their trees in the house longer.

Prices range from under $50 to more than $100 for the biggest Nobles and Normans.

Cronen is proud of the selection of trees and prices. He said they’re five dollars more this year, but lower than most places.  About two-thirds of what Serres Frams sells are Nobles, but the Doug Fir is a great tradition too.

“It’s the Oregon state tree, we grow these (and) they have a really unique scent to them. People that get a Douglas get them every year, They like the scent,” said Cronen.

KGW visited the lot late Friday and found folks making their traditional visit to the Woodstock neighborhood tree lot, including two young women, Marge and Rose.

“Out to pick out our Christmas tree to bring home, just love the Woodstock community, so we try to come to this tree lot each year,” said Rose.

Each year, on a mission. To find the right tree.

“My only rule is the tree must be taller than I am,” said Rose. “I like one that’s an even, cone shaped too,” added Marge.

Of course, there are several options for getting fresh cut trees, from tree lots to “you-cut” farms, to getting a permit to find one in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  

“Having a real tree, there’s nothing like it since we do live in Oregon and you’ve got a real tree, the kids can smell it and it adds more joy than a fake tree, in my opinion. But I’m selling Christmas trees so of course I’m going to be anti-fake tree,” Cronen said with a laugh.


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