September 30, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

Check out Cotney Consulting Group’s Affinity Webinar Playlist to learn how to create success for your roofing company. 

For the past year, RoofersCoffeeShop® (RCS) and Cotney Consulting Group have teamed up for a series of Affinity Webinars designed to provide businesses with solutions for success. Join RCS President Heidi J. Ellsworth and Cotney’s CEO John Kenney as they provide you with tools to help your business succeed. And the best part is, it’s all available on demand on RCS for free! 

The webinar playlist offers a wealth of information you can use at your disposal. In “The ROI of Attending Tradeshows,” Heidi and John talk about how taking your business to tradeshows can get you connected with other professionals, as well as provide you with other valuable industry knowledge through panels and seminars. 

In “Using LinkedIn for Business Success,” Heidi and John discuss how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account, the social media platform specifically made for professionals. They are joined by RCS COO Karen Edwards who shares LinkedIn tips that will help roofing industry professionals grow their careers and their businesses. They also talk about how you can use the platform to advertise and promote your business. 

Other Affinity Webinars include: 

  • “Creating Solutions with Cotney: The Power of Podcasts” 

  • “Growing Brand Ambassadors” 

  • “Utilizing Online Resources” 

Check out the entire Affinity Webinar playlist for more tips on boosting your business. 

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