September 26, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

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Keep stress levels down and customer satisfaction up by using innovative roofing equipment. 

Everyone working in the roofing industry knows it’s not an easy job. The intense work of manual labor paired with roofing challenges along the way can make any contractor feel stressed. But contractors should know there are tools out there that are specifically designed to help you work more efficiently. 

The Equipter drivable dumpster has multiple innovative features that can help you overcome roofing challenges, nail customer satisfaction and retain roofing employees. 

Challenge 1 – Intense manual labor 

Roofing will always be hard work, but you can cut back its intensity with the Equipter. The Equipter cuts down on cleanup time by hauling roofing debris directly from the roof to an on-site dumpster for you. That means you’re no longer double- and triple-handling debris. 

The Equipter also eliminates the need to haul supplies to the roof by hand. Its 12-foot lift allows you to take up to 4,000 pounds of materials right to where you need them on the roof. 

Challenge 2 – Debris management 

Debris management has not only been a challenging problem for roofers, but it’s also been a hard one for homeowners. Many customers have found trash and nails in their lawn after a roof replacement, endangering them, their kids and their pets.  

Equipter helps you overcome the challenge by making sure roofing debris never even hits the ground. 

The Equipter’s four-foot rollback feature enables its container to extend over landscaping and underneath roof eaves when being lifted to the roof. You can assure your customers that their flowers and shrubs won’t get damaged by falling scraps. 

The Equipter’s wide tires ensure that your customer’s lawn will be left rut-free, and its compact size protects landscape as you drive it through tight spaces. 

Challenge 3 – Employee retention 

Employee retention is not a new challenge in the roofing industry, but, with the Equipter, your company can rise above it.  

Because of the amount of physical stress the Equipter takes off your crew, those looking to work in the roofing industry will appreciate working for a company who uses one.  

Keep in mind, as well, that the Equipter can take the place of up to two or three workers on the job site. This means an increase in production, because more crew members can help with the roof installation process.  

Want to overcome your roofing challenges and experience the Equipter’s power for yourself? Check out our Equipter Buyer’s Guide.  

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