November 17, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby.  

Honor a woman in the industry who makes it better, nominate her for the Rising Star Award or the WORLD Award Veteran awards! 

The 6th annual NWiR Day will be held March 5, 2023 in Dallas, Texas just before the International Roofing Expo (IRE). More than just another professional development conference; it is a time for women to engage in education, networking, and mentoring for the purpose of growing their careers and strengthening their businesses and a time to empower the women in the industry who are paving a way for a more inclusive roofing future. 

One way that NWiR empowers women in the field is by recognizing them for their contributions. Awards are a great way to cultivate Roofing Respect and to highlight the spirit of the industry that so many of us are drawn to. It is easy for good leaders to recognize and cultivate another good leader, which is why you are invited to nominate women for these awards. Read on to learn more about these awards and how to celebrate a worthy woman in the field by nominating them! 

Rising Star Award 

This award recognizes emerging talent in the industry and puts a spotlight on those who represent the next generation of leaders. A rising star exhibits outstanding leadership and teamwork, they foster and encourage collaboration. They are defined by their personal and professional growth and their poise in managing the two. Their leadership ability is undeniable, as they go above and beyond the responsibilities of their job to contribute to the roofing industry and inspire others.  

Nomination requirements 

  • Nominees may be from your own organization or another. 

  • Nominees must be under 40 years of age OR have no more than 5 years’ experience in the roofing industry. 

The Rising Star award will be given to those individuals who are original, passionate, persevering, willing to take risks, ambitious, persistent, resourceful, socially responsible, demonstrate authenticity and well rounded.  

WORLD Award Veteran 

The WORLD award is designed to recognize a dedicated leader of the roofing industry and her contributions. Her commitment to the industry is unquestioned, for she has exhibited outstanding leadership and perseverance to break barriers within the roofing industry. She has gone out of her way to create opportunities for others and contribute to the industry, from identifying a new perspective of service/contribution to the industry to making a difference in a roofing niche. She is an inspiration to others and widely admired in the industry, without a doubt the roofing industry is better for having this woman in it. 

Nomination requirements 

  • Nominations must be placed on behalf of a NWIR member and submitted by another NWIR member. 

  • Nominees may be from your own organization or another. 

  • Roofing professional with 10 years minimum in the industry. 

  • Measured growth in: 

NWIR WORLD Award Veteran will be given to the individual who has demonstrated measured growth in business success, provided servant leadership through the 4 Pillars of NWIR, demonstrates her authenticity and is a well-rounded person. 

Call for nominations 

If any of these descriptions sound like a woman you know in the industry, please, nominate her for this honorary award. NWiR needs your help to honor those in the industry who are respected by their peers and are elevating the industry. Nominations are the best form of support for these trailblazing women, show them that you see their light in the industry.  

All nominations must be placed on behalf of someone other than the nominee to be considered. Please include all awards, accomplishments and community service contributions made by this woman. The judging process will be blind, with nominees being presented to the judging committee as anonymous entries.  

Deadlines close December 2, 2022 so nominate a woman who deserves recognition for the Rising Star Award or the WORLD Award Veteran today! 

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